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From the desk of ... a communications expert
Berufsporträt Kommunikationsexperte

Kommunikation, Quelle: photos.comra2studio/ Photos.com
What does a communications expert really do? If you are one, you already know - but you can still learn more about what others in your line of business do.

What is a communications expert?

A communications expert or specialist does have to be very good at communicating generally, no matter whether written or spoken communication is being used. Apart from this essential skill, most communications experts work in the PR, Sales or Marketing areas of a company and develop extra expertise in these departments. This is where communication skills can be put to best use: ensuring that the message the company transmits to business partners, clients and customers is exactly how it should be. A communications expert therefore needs to have a good grasp of modern technology and social media, as this is how and where much modern communication takes place.

Online tip!
'Communications specialist' is a different title for the same job. Go to www.simplyhired.com for vacancies worldwide.

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