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Pay rise negotiations
Gehaltsverhandlungen führen

Verhandlungen, Quelle: photos.comMany employees need to negotiate their objectives in pay rise negotiations, but how to put forward a good argument in English? How to demonstrate the advances you have made and how to react to a "no" when it comes to an increase in salary?

As with any important event in business, preparation is key when discussing a pay rise with your boss. This means researching the market range of salary for your position and, if you are already close to the top of the range, accepting that a pay rise per se may not be on the cards.

Set an appointment

If it is not the norm at your place of work to have salary discussions around the turn of the year you may wish to approach your manager and propose a meeting to discuss this. Remember though that if you state what you want the meeting for, the immediate answer might be no, so try:

  • "I'd like to discuss a personal issue ..."

If he or she is not amenable to this suggestion, ask if it would be more appropriate to bring the subject up next month, or in three months' time, and wait patiently for this time to come. Of course, if your company/department has not performed as expected over the past year it is unlikely that any pay rises will be considered. In such cases you will probably not get the raise you want; you can still use the opportunity of talking one-on-one with your manager to see how you could improve on things for next year though.

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A request for a salary increase

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pay rise negotiations - 20 phrases

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