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Quiz: Ice breaking strategies

Everyone needs a few tricks for breaking the ice with new people, a way to start a conversation and make everyone feel included. Try our quiz and see how much you know about tried and tested strategies:
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No power?
Kein Strom?

No power, Quelle: ThinkstockThinkstock
Life seems to require ever-increasing amounts of power these days. And no we're not talking about physical strength (perhaps the subject of another article) but electricity. Read on!


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To learn more about off-grid living why not visit Lammas, 'A Pioneering Ecovillage in West Wales'? You can stay there if you are happy to camp or stay in an 'eco pod', or you can stay in a flat very close to the development. While you are there you could attend a course on 'One Planet Living', for example, to learn more about not over-using the earth's resources. Send us your story if you visit! www.lammas.org.uk

Who needs it?

The bane of modern life: the lack of a socket (outlet for our friends in the USA) is an almost-traumatic experience for many of us today. Smartphones may have become practically ubiquitous, but unfortunately, battery life does not seem to have kept up with other technological innovations, so the more we need them the more we need to be close to a power source. And then there are the tablets, the laptops, the sat nav systems ... not to mention cars that need to be plugged in regularly if you want to actually drive anywhere! So, what to do if you have to live without power? Or want to live without it? We take a brief look at what to do if you are involuntarily power-less for a limited period of time and what to do if you wish to go 'off the grid' more permanently.

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