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My Workplace: Colleagues
Mein Arbeitsplatz: Die lieben Kollegen

Wie gut verstehen Sie sich mit Ihren Kollegen? Gibt es bei Ihnen in der Firma den idealen Teamplayer? Welche Eigenschaften sollte man als guter Kollege mitbringen? Es gibt durchaus ein paar Konstanten. Diese werden wir im Beitrag genauer unter die Lupe nehmen.

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The ideal colleague

It's official! "Adam" is the ideal colleague, he is logical, hard working, doesn't gossip, reliable, never asks for time off and - working as a lab assistant - does better than any human would. Yes, "Adam" is a robot, but most of us do not have the privilege of working with a robot so we have to put up with our human colleagues.

General characteristics

For employers, qualifications and experience are important qualities, although personal characteristics also count. But for those working together personal qualities play a role in how a department gels. Good co-workers are, according to Manpower, a UK workforce-management company, fundamental to happiness at work. Workers rated top characteristics as follows:

  • reliable (39%)
  • straight talking and honest (20%)
  • puts in extra effort to help out (18%)
  • brings laughter to the office (12%)
  • someone I can go to for advice (10%)
  • regularly makes the tea or brings in snacks/treats (1%)

Source: www.manpower.co.uk

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