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Zeit- und Selbstmanagement

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Get ahead of your time!

Start analysing

Even though it might feel that you are adding to your workload, advocates of time management encourage activity analysis or activity logs to assess how much time you spend doing certain tasks. This might be a shock at first. Writing down how long you spend answering emails (and how often you do so, perhaps midway through another unrelated task) could be an eye-opener. Once this is done, it is time to consider some strategies to change periods of ineffectively used time.

Four ways to make time work

Let's start with a brief overview of four possible approaches to time management. These have been developed since time management became a buzzword in the late seventies in most corporate settings. They range in character from last minute scheduling to active integration of time management principles into workflow. In the first category, a system of reminders lets the user know that something has to be done. The second approach goes one step further and advocates using planning and preparation; the third makes use of prioritizing and controlling tools; and lastly, being efficient and proactive form the most advanced approach. Each approach could be assessed for its relevance to a particular project and used accordingly.

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