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Quiz: Ice breaking strategies

Everyone needs a few tricks for breaking the ice with new people, a way to start a conversation and make everyone feel included. Try our quiz and see how much you know about tried and tested strategies:
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Asking for financial infos
Finazinformationen einholen

Bank account details

Although it is usual in Germany and some other countries for companies to give bank account details quite freely, on letter-headed paper, for example, in other countries this is not the case and bank account information is then generally only given on a need-to-know basis. In such countries, if you need the bank account details you will have to ask for them - if this is for the purposes of making payment to the company concerned there should be no issue. However, occasionally it may be necessary to ask for bank details for other purposes, such as ascertaining credit-worthiness, in which case some companies may be more reluctant to give out details. It will be up to you to decide whether obtaining the information is crucial to your business or not. Keeping the request language-neutral helps:

  • Please use the form below to complete your company bank account details and return it to us at the address below.
  • In order for us to complete our records, please send us (insert company name) bank account details using the form below.

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