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Pay rise negotiations
Gehaltsverhandlungen führen

Prepare for the meeting

To prepare for the meeting, as well as knowing the going rate for your position, know your own worth. What can you offer in return for a pay rise - can you take on more responsibility, work longer hours or offer to accept a productivity-based bonus? As in any negotiation, having something to bring to the negotiating table will help sweeten the deal and make it more likely that you will reach a win-win conclusion to your talks.

What else to research/think about

  • the current rate of inflation
  • the general cost of living for your region (urban conurbations tend to be pricier to live in than rural areas)
  • think outside the box: what could you accept instead of cold hard cash (benefits that might cost the company little but which mean a lot to you, such as working from home)?
  • your company's views on staff turnover (are they trying to cut numbers?)
  • the company's performance (pay rises are more likely in a successful year)
  • the range of salary increases that the company has tended to offer in the past and any information you can find on what they may offer in the future
  • what precedent your desired pay rise would set (an important point for your boss to consider: can everyone be offered a similar increase?)
  • how easily replaceable are you?
  • what you will do if you don't get the pay rise you want?

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pay rise negotiations - 20 phrases

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