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New designs in the office
Neue Designs am Arbeitsplatz

Desk staple designs

Apart from the advances in writing instruments (including keyboards!), design is hitting other desk staples. Desk trays come in any number of materials and colours, and calculators can be chunky or not. Mouse pads are available in any shape, colour and pattern you can think of, rubber bands can be found in bright colours and crazy shapes, even the humble paper clip has been transformed.

Desk lamps have also changed: apart from colour and shape, designers have been to work on the type of light emitted, so that you can now find special task lighting with LEDs, fluorescent lamps, halogen bulbs, full spectrum bulbs offering "natural" light and even solar-powered lamps.

Finally, staplers - which have been available in environmentally-friendly, staple-less versions for many years - now come as cute cubes and fancy colours, able to keep together up to 5 sheets at a time. If you need to keep together more than this you will probably still need to use a traditional stapler, but these are also available in a vast variety of colours and designs: floral, striped, paisley, neon orange, turquoise, transparent acrylic... you name it! Unfortunately, we have yet to unearth any really new designs on the actual staples themselves...

Search Google Images for "creative paper clip" and see the variety! The sky is the limit, as you will find out!

Internet tip!
Watch this video about a truly revolutionary robotic desk lamp: YouTube.

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