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Pay rise negotiations
Gehaltsverhandlungen führen


Business is business and money should not be an emotional factor, but for many it is. Treat the discussion as you would a salary negotiation within a job interview for a new job and you are on the path to success. Of course in our tough economic times almost everyone could do with more disposable income, but it is not your employer's fault if you cannot afford a new car or an exotic holiday this year. Everyone in the company would probably appreciate a higher salary, but most companies cannot afford to raise everyone's pay across the board. There has to be a budget, and if a pay rise is not included in this then the chances that you will get what you want are slimmer, although not wholly nonexistent. Approach the discussion with a level head, armed with your research and you are far more likely to reach your objectives.

use "if ... then" sentences to bargain with your boss, e.g.:
If I forego a week's holiday this year, could you offer me a 5% raise?
If I can reduce our return rates to 7% or less, would you be able to offer me a company car?

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pay rise negotiations - 20 phrases

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