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Technical vocabulary in the office
Computervokabular - sind Sie up to date?

Bit, byte, browser und bug - sind Sie "computer fluent"? Telefonanrufe, E-Mails und die Arbeit am Computer, vieles läuft heutzutage schon auf Englisch. Da ist es hilfreich, sich in der Welt des World Wide Web und Computerslangs gut auszukennen. Wussten Sie, dass "QWERTY keyboard" die 6 ersten Buchstaben der Tastatur in Großbritannien bzw. den USA sind?

Computer fluent?

Before we look at everyday scenarios where you will need to communicate with someone about a hitch in your workflow due to computer problems, let us check some basic definitions. Here are some nouns which describe parts of computers, or devices which are used in connection with them:

back-up: a copy of your data in a separate file/on a separate disk

bit: the smallest unit of information a computer uses

byte: 8 bits

boot disk: the disk which starts up your computer

browser: a software programme (e.g. Explorer) which allows you to explore the World Wide Web

bug: a small defect in a software programme which causes problems or the programme to crash

CPU: a central processing unit: a chip, also known as the processor, which is the heart (or brains!) of the computer

cursor: the blinking icon which tells you your position on the screen

download: a file which you have received from a website and saved on your computer

driver: a programme which instructs peripherals to work

disk drive: the computer part that operates the information storage disks

hard disk: a round metal plate sealed into the hard drive

hard drive: the main computer storage device

HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language - code which tells your browser how to display graphics and information

icon: an image on your computer screen

MB: megabyte - about a million bytes

modem: a connection linking two computers via a telephone line

parallel port: a rear socket for connecting peripherals

peripheral: an external device (e.g. a mouse or printer) connected to your computer

QWERTY keyboard: the first 6 letters of the UK/USA keyboard

RAM: Random Access Memory - the main memory whilst the computer is in use and temporary storage space. It disappears when the computer is turned off.

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