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Asking for financial infos
Finazinformationen einholen

Financial statements

A publicly-traded company will issue financial statements as a matter of public record, so there should be no problem in asking to see these. For private companies, however, although the laws in each country differ, they are generally under little obligation to publish or provide financial statements. If you need to see these there should be a good reason why, such as to make a very large order for goods from a new customer, whereby you need to be quite sure that the customer can pay. A straightforward request together with an explanation (if it is not immediately obvious) as to why you would want to see the information may suffice:

In order to proceed with your order our finance department will need to see copies of your financial tatements for the last two years. Please let us know if you would like to proceed and send balance sheets and income statements to our Head of Accounting at...

Other information

Whatever information you require, there should be a good reason. People and companies alike are wary of giving out details, especially those that can impact their financial health or image, unless it is strictly necessary. This is due largely to scare stories in the media over the last few years, such as this one in Britain´s tabloid paper, The Mirror.

As long as there is good reason, in a legitimate business exchange there should be little ground for refusing to provide the information. However:

  • If it uncommon in your industry to request financial information but you ask for it regardless, this will stand out in a negative way and customers may well take their business elsewhere.
  • Some companies will provide financial information to ratings organisations such as Dun and Bradstreet and will expect you to contact this organisation if you require details rather than send it out themselves.
  • Some companies, especially those that are privately held, may still react illogically and refuse to supply details even to the most logical request. In such cases you have little recourse apart from refusing the business or continuing without the information you want.

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