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Zeit- und Selbstmanagement

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Get ahead of your time!

Tools for time management

We have already mentioned that activity logs can help analyse how our time is spent. What other tools are there? Naturally, work schedules play an important part. But that does not sound very sophisticated - who doesn't have lists of things to do written on post-its stuck all over their computer? The key is how to write the schedule so that it becomes a tool. There are two basic models which appear in most time management environments: the Pareto analysis and the ABC analysis.

Pareto analysis

This tool for analysing tasks, which was observed by the American industrialist Joseph M. Juran and named after the Italian economist Vilfred Pareto in the 1940s, states that 80 % of tasks can be done in 20 % of the time available. It will take up the rest of the time to do the remaining work, so the theory goes. This implies that there are a few things which are vital to do and many things which are trivial. It almost goes without saying that the art lies in distinguishing between the two.

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