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Quiz: Ice breaking strategies

Everyone needs a few tricks for breaking the ice with new people, a way to start a conversation and make everyone feel included. Try our quiz and see how much you know about tried and tested strategies:
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English for HR
Englisch für die Personalarbeit

Personalarbeit, Quelle: photos.comBewerber für ein Vorstellungsgespräch einzuladen, ist oftmals eine kostspielige Angelegenheit. Sie können der Firma und sich Zeit und Geld sparen, indem Sie Telefoninterviews durchführen. Hier erfahren Sie, wie Sie geeignete Kandidaten "am Hörer" auswählen.

Handpicking candidates

On paper, you may have several applicants who all seem equally suitable for a vacancy in your department. However, making a telephone appointment will help to "weed out" unsuitable candidates. Asking a few key questions about their experience, qualifications, soft skills or gaps in their CV (UK) /résumé (US) allows you to get a first impression of the candidate's communication expertise. Naturally, if the telephone interview is conducted in English, this allows you to directly assess their language skills too. Try to use openended questions (eg "Tell me more about your position at Company X") rather than closed questions ("What was your position at Company X?") to allow strong candidates to become fluent. Have a checklist at your fingertips before you phone to structure your conversation. This could be in two sections eg:

A: Candidate's skills versus the vacancy requirements

  1. Check candidate's pass-fail criteria (eg essential skills for the job such as EDP knowledge or foreign language skills).
  2. Check the candidate really has experience of soft skills required (eg managerial behaviour; acceptance of responsibility).
  3. Check that the candidate has the right expectations about what the job entails (eg would s/he move to another city if necessary?)

Sample questions might look like this:

On your CV, you state that you have experience in SAP modules. Could you tell me a little about any projects you have already carried out using SAP?

Please could you describe a situation in which you had to arbitrate a conflict at work?

Assuming you were offered this position, are there any circumstances which would lead you to turn it down?

B: Acquiring missing information

  1. Ask specifically about gaps in information on CV.
  2. Ask for extra information on different stages of CV.
  3. Background information (eg residence abroad or exam results).

A sample dialogue might look like this:

HR specialist: Would you mind telling me what your employment situation was at the end of 2002? This information doesn't seem to be mentioned on your CV.

Candidate: Of course. It was a period where I consciously decided to take some time out to consider my options. Although I wasn't employed at the time, I spent time researching the field I was interested in.

HR: I understand. Could you tell me some more about your work at General Power?

C: Certainly. I stated on my CV that I was responsible for a team of technicians. I held weekly meetings and organised internal workshops on work-related themes.

HR: How did that fit in with your three month stay in the US branch of General Power?

C: Quite simply: they are the parent company and they wanted to give me specialised training in workshop management.

HR: Right, that's answered my next question, did you have formal training in workshop management?

C: Yes, it was quite intensive. Since then, I have had a lot of practical experience on the job too. And going to the US also meant that I improved my English fluency no end!

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