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Parting is such sweet sorrow...
Sich verabschieden und bedanken

... As the Bard (William Shakespeare) wrote in "Romeo and Juliet"; even in business, leave-taking is important, can be time-consuming, and occasionally prompts the leave-takers to look forward to their next meeting, as did Juliet in the scene in which she says that famous line.

Leave-taking in a foreign language can be tricky: how to bring a conversation or meeting to an end without seeming rude, what to say apart from "Goodbye", how to leave gracefully.

Ending a conversation

It's getting late, you have another meeting to get to but your business partner is suggesting another cup of coffee, or even dinner... what to do? Honesty is often the best policy, sweetened with a little flattery:

"I'd love to, we've had such a productive meeting, I really would like to stay longer but I'm afraid I really have to get to another meeting / leave now if I'm going to catch my flight."

Anything along these lines serves not only to extricate you from the situation but also to leave your business partner feeling good about it.

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