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Tiger economies
China und Indien boomen weiter

Welcher Tigerstaat wird sich in den kommenden Jahren als stärkster erweisen? Wir erklären hier, was der Begriff "Tigerstaat" bedeutet, und fragen uns, welche dieser Raubkatzen nun weltweit oben sind.

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What is a tiger economy?

The term is generally used for four economically successful Southeast Asian countries: Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. They are called 'tiger' economies due to their perceived similarity to the animal: strength, speed (in growth), stealth (they may seem to have risen to power while nobody was really observing them) and predatory nature (economic power awards the option of taking over, outperforming or outbidding others). Any country that is doing well can now be described as a 'tiger' - when it's not being described as a 'miracle'!

The tigers are not alone

Successful economies are not only known as tigers. There are 'dragons' (eg China) and 'tiger cub' economies' (eg Indonesia). In Europe, the 'Celtic tiger' (Ireland) is now more of a kitten; there has also been talk of Baltic and Balkan tigers, even Anatolian, Nordic or Gulf tigers.

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