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Discussing how to record a meeting
Besprechen wie ein Meeting aufgenommen wird

Discussing how to</p><p>record a meetingThinkstock
There are so many choices out there that it can make decisions difficult. Here two colleagues are debating the relative pros and cons of video versus audio recording as well as the logistics of making the recording.

The scenario

Asha and Sonia are organising a fairly large meeting for their Board and higher-level management. They have been told that the meeting should be recorded but not whether it should be audio or video, so they need to agree on this point first.

  • Asha: You know, Sonia, I think audio should be enough, really. I mean, who's going to sit and watch the whole thing, anyway? Audio is easier, takes up less storage ...
  • Sonia: Sure, correct, but I think the fullest possible record would be best. And that means video. As for storage, we don't need to worry about that, you know, we have access to as much as we need.
  • A: Yes, but if it has to be sent to anyone, copied anywhere, video will still take forever whereas audio is so quick.
  • S: Video really doesn't take that long these days, you know. I think you're thinking of what speeds were like 10 years ago. Seriously, these days that's not an issue. Also, I think audio can be confusing. Remember, there will be about a dozen people speaking, how will we know whose voice belongs to whom?
  • A: Well, I guess that's a valid point. So you really think we should go for video, right?
  • S: Well, yes. The other point in favour is, what if we only arrange audio and later on Jenny says she wanted video? She's not here to ask right now and by the time she gets back it will probably be too late. If we have good quality video we can always just use the audio from it if that's all that's required, but at least we'll have both. If we only arrange audio and then later need video ...
  • A: OK, OK, I see your point. So, let's go for video. You know, I just had a thought: can we just use our phones and do video and audio?
  • S: No, seriously, we can't do that. Jenny was quite concerned about how serious this meeting is, how important, that they're going to be discussing points that will affect the entire company for years to come. We need to make sure we have the best possible quality of everything. You never know when it will be required again and for what purposes. I'm guessing there will be legal implications to some of what will be discussed.
  • A: Good point. OK, so shall we get professionals in, camera people, I mean?
  • S: No, I don't think that's necessary. I think we can handle it ourselves. We will need to get new cameras, though; the ones that the IT department showed me earlier are so old-fashioned.
  • A: Will we need cameras? A friend of mine who works in Dubai told me they video all their meetings using a webcam.
  • S: Online meetings, right?
  • A: Um, yes, I believe they are. Does that make a difference?
  • S: Yes, if the meeting is being conducted online then it is running through something like GoToMeeting anyway, so the recording part is easy and the quality really depends on the camera and mic set up in each location. Our meeting is going to be in the board room, nothing external. And quite sensitive topics, so I think we should avoid online recording and apps, let's make sure we can maintain confidentiality too.
  • A: I can't believe there would be a confidentiality issue with these sorts of apps but I see your point. OK, so we need to get a camera. Or will we need more than one?
  • S: I think we should have at least two and three would be even better.
  • A: I'll make a start on getting financial approval, then, I'll keep you informed of what I hear.
  • S: Great, and I'll research the best camera options. Let's meet back here tomorrow morning ...
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