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Quiz: Ice breaking strategies

Everyone needs a few tricks for breaking the ice with new people, a way to start a conversation and make everyone feel included. Try our quiz and see how much you know about tried and tested strategies:
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Meeting to organise an event
Eine Veranstaltung organisieren

Meeting to organise an event, Quelle: FotoliaFotolia
Megan and Harry are in charge of organizing a major event for their company - a celebration of their first centenary. Read on to see the ideas they come up with and how they think these may work!

The scenario

Megan is Head of PR for a small manufacturer of bathroom fittings. Harry is Buildings Manager, in charge of the premises. Next year their employer will be celebrating 100 years of business and they have been tasked with organizing the celebrations.

  • Megan: I guess we need to make a start, Harry.
  • Harry: Yup, now's as good a time as any, I suppose, though we've got loads of time really.
  • M: We have, but these things take time to plan if they're going to be really good. I was thinking we could hire the castle just outside the city and ...
  • H: Hang on a minute, Meg. I think actually the Board want it all done in-house. That;s really why I'm working with you, so that we can sort out what is feasible and not go over the top on outside venues and so on.
  • M: Ah. Yes, of course, that's certainly an option. Right, then we need to work out what we can do here, I suppose.
  • H: I'm sure you've already got some ideas - ?
  • M: Well, yes, but I was thinking it could all take place at the castle. Hmmm. Now I'll have to re-think all of that.
  • H: Were you thinking outdoors? Something in the fresh air?
  • M: Well, for some of it, yes. I think it would be good to mostly stick to the actual day of our centenary and have a full programme for all our staff, suppliers and customers.
  • H: What sort of programme?
  • M: Well, you know. CEO speech, of course. Then a demonstration of our most recent innovations, a look at the new materials and a hands-on session with the local craftspeople, I think. Followed by lunch of course and then in the evening a gala night for staff and MVPs.
  • H: Yes, that could work. We could have the speech out on the lawn, with gazebos for the demonstrations and to set up the materials. The locals could come and try everything out - including the showers if they wanted to, I suppose. Could we make that a thing? At least for the children, if it's a hot day? That they get to play in an area we could install the new shower fittings in?
  • M: I don't think so, Harry. Think about the liability. We'd never hear the end of it if anyone slipped over in the water and hurt themselves.
  • H: Oh yes, true, I hadn't thought about that.
  • M: But we could certainly have some installed for people to see. They could try out the new taps and basins, that might be more doable.
  • H: Not the loos, though!
  • M: Well, no, not in public, anyway!
  • H: Of course, only kidding! I'd like to have some installed in the customer toilets by then, though, we could indicate that, perhaps.
  • M: Yes, we can have a plan to set out where the latest innovations are so that people could go and try them out for themselves if they want to. And we'll need music, catering, a bar. Some sort of decoration theme, too. I'll arrange for the event to be videoed and we'll invite some journalists, too.
  • H: Do we have to video it all? What on earth for?
  • M: For promoting our company! We might use some of the footage in an ad later in the year, we could play it at the A G M, run some of it as background at fairs ... video is so important these days.
  • H: I shall leave that up to you. I will start work on what we will need so that we can use the outdoor areas. Oh and I'll also look into contingency plans just in case the weather doesn't play along at the last minute, although as we're looking at late July next year we should be OK.
  • M: Great, I'll start looking at caterers, enterntainment, decoration and video teams. Why don't 'we meet back here the day after tomorrow and report back, pool what we've come up with?
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