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Getting sensitive information
Nach vertraulichen Daten fragen

Vertraulich, Quelle: photos.comJupiterimages/ Photos.com
Many people believe it is becoming more and more important to know exactly what it is they are consuming. Read on for tips on how to request what could be sensitive information.

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What might you wish to know?

If you have a staff restaurant or canteen, if you provide snacks or drinks for employees and guests, or if you just occasionally host a meal for business partners: then these days, you may wish to scrutinise the food everyone consumes in order to be absolutely sure what it is and where it comes from. This will also enable you to issue reassurances to employees or guests who are interested in the origins of what they are consuming!

It may be necessary to interrogate suppliers more thoroughly than in the past. Unfortunately, due largely to the negative press that much of the food industry has received over the last year or more, companies can be reluctant to go into great detail on where their products are sourced. So, at first at least, tact and sensitivity are called for!

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