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Everyone needs a few tricks for breaking the ice with new people, a way to start a conversation and make everyone feel included. Try our quiz and see how much you know about tried and tested strategies:
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Am Telefon

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Low signal ...
Schlechter Empfang...

Low signal, Quelle: ThinkstockThinkstock
What to do when the signal is so low that your call keeps dropping or you can't really hear the other party? Our two protagonists discuss how they deal with this sadly-too-frequent issue.

The scenario

Allie and Frances have recently returned from a conference in a country hotel, while Saurabh has been travelling around the country training company salespeople on a new product. They have all been back in the office for a meeting and have now met up for a quick lunch together before heading out to other meetings.

  • Allie: Hey, Saurabh, bet you're glad to be back! You were away for ages, how many training sessions did you do?
  • Saurabh: Yeah, it was quite a while. I think I did about 11 in total; once or twice I did two a day, but generally just one. There was all the travelling between venues, though, I got really tired of that.
  • Frances: We only had to travel to one place for the conference, but honestly, that was enough. I don't like driving at the best of times, and this was way out in the sticks.
  • A: Did you have problems with your sat nav?
  • F: How did you know? Sat nav, phone, nothing seemed to work. I really thought I was going to get lost, but luckily I'd thought to download directions onto my phone before I set off. Else who knows where I would have ended up ...
  • A: I drove round in circles for about an hour before I ended up stopping at a village pub to ask for help. They had WiFi ...
  • S: Glad I didn't have to drive everywhere! But I did have phone problems.
  • F: What happened? Did you lose it again?
  • S: Thanks Frances, and no, I did not lose my phone again. But some of the places I had to get to meant travelling through definite black spots. I was on a call to head office several times, getting info on the venue and the participants, when the call just cut out.
  • A: Oh, I hate it when that happens.
  • F: Yeah, me too. Did they realise that you were travelling, if they did, surely they would have understood.
  • S: Ha, well, if they didn't in the beginning, then by the third time I had to call back they did!
  • F: I was on a call to that new supplier in Vietnam when the call dropped the other day. For no reason that I could figure out. Why does it just do that?
  • A: Did you manage to get back to them?
  • F: I did, but they were slightly peeved, as though I was just being rude.
  • S: Phones can be a real nightmare. I always tell people that I'm on my mobile, that way I figure most people will understand if the call drops or goes sort of fuzzy.
  • A: Yeah, what's the word for that? I mean we can say pixelated for a photo that gets those square sort of bits in it, but what do we say for a phone, for audio?
  • S: Hey, that's a great question! I've never really thought about it but you're right, is there a word for distorted audio? And, if so, what is it?
  • F: Um, 'distorted'?
  • A: Nah, right, funny, but surely there's another word? Anyway, I hear what you're saying, Saurabh, good idea to mention that you're using a mobile, I think. Especially for overseas calls, just so that there is no misunderstanding.
  • S: Yup. And what I do if I'm in an area with a low signal is always say so, I let the person I'm talking to know and if possible I suggest calling back later. It's always so annoying to be on the receiving end of a call when you can't hear the other person properly and have to keep asking them to repeat what they just said.
  • F: I hear you!
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