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Quiz: Ice breaking strategies

Everyone needs a few tricks for breaking the ice with new people, a way to start a conversation and make everyone feel included. Try our quiz and see how much you know about tried and tested strategies:
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Do we need old?
Brauchen wir Altes?

Do we need old?, Quelle: FotoliaFotolia
The good old days... who doesn't remember them! Read the discussion our group of colleagues have about what they remember and what they miss - some of it might make you reminisce too!

The scenario

Margaret and Eric have been working together for over 25 years. They're having lunch with Tony and Anna, a couple of younger team mates, as well as with Zoe, who is a new intern.

  • Margaret: Zoe, could you pass the ketchup, please? And sorry, Tony, what were you saying?
  • Tony: No worries, Mags, I was just reminding Eric about the time when I started here as an intern, just like Zoe is now. Do you remember, the most frustrating thing about that first week was getting the photocopier to work?
  • M: Oh goodness, yes, you did seem to be having fights with it on a pretty regular basis! Long time ago, though, I think they're a bit easier to cope with these days.
  • Anna: As are most things, I think. Zoe doesn't have to do much copying, do you, Zoe?
  • Zoe: Well, it's only my second day Anna, but I haven't done any copying yet, no. Is there a photocopier here?
  • Eric: Ha, good one Zoe. I can see we'll have to set you to work copying the latest report.
  • Z: Why?
  • E: What? What do you mean?
  • Z: Well, why would I copy the report? Doesn't everyone get a pdf?
  • T: They do actually, Zoe, you're quite right, no need for hard copies these days.
  • A: Wish that had been the case when we started.
  • M: I remember my mother telling me about wax stencils, they used to put funny waxed paper in a typewriter and use a special machine that was hand cranked to make copies through the wax, can you imagine ...?
  • Z: Why couldn't people just read the documents on their phones?
  • T: Because nobody had phones, Zoe! Not smartphones, anyway.
  • E: I remember my first mobile phone ... size of a brick.
  • T: I had one of those little Nokias, great device, never went wrong, never ran out of battery.
  • Z: Was it good for games?
  • A: Games! Have you ever seen a Nokia, Zoe?
  • Z: Well, only in pictures.
  • T: There was actually a game, I seem to remember. Something with a snake ...
  • Z: Oooh, I like snakes. What colour was it?
  • T: Black. Phone screens were green and black, there was no colour.
  • Z: No colour? How did you share images and memes, then?
  • M: We didn't. They didn't exist. Well, images did, of course, but we had to print them out to see them, you couldn't see them on your phone - or even camera - until the film was processed.
  • T: Yes! Do you remember sending film off to get it processed and get prints made?
  • A: Not really. Bit before my time I'm afraid. I think I remember my parents talking about things like that, though.
  • T: Oh, I keep forgetting that you're a little bit younger than me. Sorry, Anna!
  • M: I remember that. You had to actually be frugal with film because it was expensive. And so were prints and getting those always seemed to take weeks. You never knew if the photos you'd taken would turn out to be any good or not.
  • E: Exactly. None of that business of taking hundreds of oh, what are they called, selfleys ...
  • A: You mean selfies.
  • E: That's it. Selfies. We didn't do that back then.
  • M: We didn't do lots of things. Still don't do some things: selfies, for instance!
  • Z: I can show you some good angles for taking them if you like ...
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