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Checking, clarifying and reiterating
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Checking numbers

When it comes to numbers, repeating the digits singly ensures that you have noted them down correctly:

  • "Did you just say eight zero (80) or one eight (18)?"

For larger numbers, noting the correct number of zeros is essential:

  • "So that's 5 and 8 zeros, right?" (500,000,000, half a billion or 500 million)

Confused by fractions? Decimals getting decimated? Try the following phrases:

  • "Three seventeenths is three over seventeen, right / isn't it?"
  • "OK, four point eight seven two nine oh five (4.872905) is what I've noted, is that right?"

Remember: with numbers you can always say each digit separately, or ask for a number to be said in this way, making it much easier for you to write down the right figure.

Clarifying and reiterating

If you heard the words but didn't really understand them, you need to check the information, if necessary by reiterating.

  • "What exactly did you mean by ..."
  • "Could you tell us about ... again please?"
  • "What was the idea behind / purpose of ... again?"


  • "Could you go over that again please?"

will usually elicit the information that has just been given but in different words.

If you want to repeat the information in order to ensure that you have noted it down correctly the following may be useful:

  • "So what you're saying is ..."


  • "In other words ...."
  • "Did you mean / say ..."

is also simple and effective.

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