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Am Telefon

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Telephones and Technology
Telefone und Technologie


This comparatively recent upsurge in the number of calling apps available which enable free calls (assuming you have WiFi or an inclusive data package) has led to some interesting etiquette conundrums:

Do you have to use video if your caller is doing so?
No, it's not essential, although it is more courteous if it is possible.

Do you have to accept business-related calls over the weekend or while you are on holiday?
Not unless you have agreed in advance to do so: it helps if you can set up a voicemail message saying that you will not be taking calls for a certain period and perhaps designating one of your colleagues as an alternative contact.

Is it OK to take a business call at home / on the beach, etc.?
It really depends on where you are and what you are doing - most people consider it impolite to use a phone at meal times, for example, but if you are waiting for an important contract and the call comes in while you are at a garden party, you may be excused for finding a quiet spot to take the call.

Is it OK to take notes during the call?
Of course, and it is often advisable. Be aware, however, that using a keyboard and typing can be heard. This is particularly loud if you are using the same computer microphone and speakers for the call, so in such cases it is better to use an alternative medium such as the old-fashioned pen and paper (or another laptop).

Is it OK to record the call?
You may run into legal issues, here, as it is often illegal to record calls without informing the other party. If you do so and there is no objection, then, of course, it is OK. Otherwise, please seek advice from your firm's legal department before recording any calls.

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