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Job interviews
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Zu einem Vorstellungsgespräch eingeladen zu werden, ist schon eine ziemliche Leistung. Denn das zeigt, dass Ihre Fähigkeiten zu der ausgeschriebenen Stelle passen. Jetzt gilt es, sich optimal auf das Gespräch vorzubereiten. Welche Fragen haben Sie zu erwarten und was sollten Sie besser nicht ansprechen?

Selling yourself

Interviews are an opportunity to sell yourself and you should not be shy. This is no time for false modesty! If you find it hard to sell yourself, try to keep in mind that the interviewer does not know anything about you except what he either reads on paper or what you tell him.

Keep the dialogue flowing

Here are some examples of different types of questions and advices for dealing with them.

  • Open questions:
    Tell us (a little) about yourself. Why do you think you could do this job?
    Advice: Bear in mind the criteria for selection and talk about relevant skills and qualifications.
  • Closed questions:
    Have you used logistics software before?
    Advice: You can answer with a "yes" or "no". The interviewer is asking about specific technical knowledge or dates.
  • Hypothetical questions:
    What would you do if...?
    Advice: Here, the interviewer wants to see if you can respond quickly to a common work situation.
  • Leading questions:
    As a Project Manager, you will have to communicate with a team. Do you have good communication skills?
    Advice: It is not enough to just say "yes" or "no" here. Support your answer with evidence.
  • Multiple questions:
    Which skills have helped you perform well? How do you think they could be improved?
    Advice: Don't be shy to about asking the interviewer to repeat a part if you can't recall both parts of the question.
  • Behavioural questions:
    What did you do when your team had conflicts?
    Advice: Prepare for this before the interview. Think about conflicts or problems you have solved at work.

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