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Thanking business partners
Geschäftspartnern danken

Starting your note

As we have often emphasized, use a name if you can. If this means contacting a company to find out the name of the specific person responsible for sending a gift, this will help to make your gratitude more meaningful as although you may be thanking a company, you are cognizant of the fact that a real person went to the trouble of organising the gift. The note, whatever format it is in, should therefore begin (with the correct name inserted!):

Dear Jocelyn

or, if you are unable to work out who to address:

To all at Budgie's

Dear Marketing Team

Beginning the text of the letter with the words 'thank you' is always appropriate (insert your own description of whatever the gift is!):

Thank you for the case of champagne ...

Thank you for the sample packs of bird food ...

Thank you for the laptop case ...

and add any further detail necessary to ensure that Jocelyn, or whoever, realises what you are thanking them for:

...which arrived this morning

...which my assistant tells me arrived last night.

...which will prove very useful on my next visit to your factory.

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