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Everyone needs a few tricks for breaking the ice with new people, a way to start a conversation and make everyone feel included. Try our quiz and see how much you know about tried and tested strategies:
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Business thank you letters
Professionelle Dankesschreiben

After meetings

Another important occasion for a thank you letter is after a meeting with business associates - perhaps a day-long session of talks and an evening meal to which your host invited you. This type of thank you letter has two functions: firstly, it serves as minutes to the content of the meetings in bullet point form. And secondly, it can forge good relations with your partner. It should include:

  • enthusiasm for joint projects that were discussed,
  • a brief thank you for the fantastic food you enjoyed together,
  • a mention that you are looking forward to a continued business relationship.

You might also like to include an invitation to your company HQ or a business lunch in the near future. Again, this can serve as a form of summary for the key points of your discussion.

To customers

Finally, another appropriate moment for a thank you letter is if a client has recently made a large order with your company. On this occasion, a thank you letter is a way to express your gratitude and find out how to keep that person as a client. In this letter, points to be included are:

  • thanking the customer for his/her business,
  • an outline of the advantages of choosing your company,
  • where appropriate, an offer of a bonus or free gift,
  • and allow for the client to add suggestions for improvements to your products or services.

The last point is especially important for good customer relations, and to relay back to the marketing department. It is exactly this that marketing salesmen and women spend time and money on finding out! So pass on the free comments from satisfied clients. They might help to confirm that a strategy is correct, or to develop a product or service in another area. Thank you letters are not just the icing on the cake - they oil good business relations!

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