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Common abbreviations
Häufig genutzte Abkürzungen

Punctuation of an acronym

Unfortunately, there is no easy rule. Most true acronyms, ie those that have become words in themselves, such as 'laser', naturally need no punctuation or capitalisation within the word. Initialisms, however, are generally written all in upper case, as are most compounds. The difficulty arises when plurals or possessives are formed from them, or when an acronym or initialism is used as a verb:

  • The results from SETI's telescope array are now available to anyone who wishes to view them. (possessive)
  • CD-ROMs are fairly cheap nowadays. (plural)
  • I PM-ed you earlier today but you didn't reply. (initialism used as a verb)

Generally, the rule is to treat them as any nouns or verbs would be treated and to add an apostrophe, an 's' or a verb ending in lower case as normal. With the formation of a verb, however, a hyphen ('-') is often added between the initialism and verb ending.

Other abbreviations

Modern technology is making communication faster and more efficient and people are connected to the internet 24/7, checking communications with increasing frequency. Messages are becoming briefer, especially via character-restricted media such as SMS or Twitter. So more and more abbreviations are becoming popular and we need to keep abreast of those that are in daily use.


  • bt remMbR 2 avoid shrt 4ms/smileys that Rnt immed obvius or understandbl
    (But remember to avoid short forms or emoticons/smileys that are not immediately obvious or understandable)

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