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Letters of resignation
Rechtssicher und stilvoll kündigen

Reason for leaving

When leaving under unhappy circumstances, an explanation of why you are leaving is optional, but it avoids wild speculations and is usually appreciated by the management. Do not show any anger or bitterness and remain factual, e.g.

  • Due to the recent restructuring of our department, I do not think that I will be able to develop my skills.
  • As the position that I aspired has been filled by someone else, I think I should look for a new opportunity in another company.

If you enjoyed working for the company, be clear about the reasons for your resignation to assure your colleagues or superior that your leaving is not due to any problems or dissatisfaction with the present company. Thus you can avoid hurting feelings and you do not burn bridges behind you.

Useful phrases:

  • The reason for my leaving is that I would like to gain some experience abroad.
  • I have decided to accept an offer at ... as it will give me the opportunity to expand my experience in the field of ...
  • I am now only ... weeks away from the birth of my baby and although I know that I could return after my maternity leave, I have decided to look after my child.
  • After long consideration, I have decided to accept a position at .. as I feel that I have to move forwards to reach my goals.
  • I made this decision, not because I am unhappy with the opportunities you offered but as a strategic career move.

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