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Thanking business partners
Geschäftspartnern danken

Further body text

If you can add any other details to flesh the note out a little this is always a good idea:

As I am currently on annual leave I look forward to trying it on my return.

I shall take them with me when I visit our company farm next month, I am sure that the birds there will enjoy the treat.

I was in need of a new case so this has arrived at just the right moment.

Ending the note

Even if you were able to find a specific person to address your note to, the formality of your ending will really depend on who you are writing to. Someone you know well will warrant a more informal ending, even though this is still technically a piece of business correspondence (so don't add inappropriate details about the Christmas party, but use your own judgement to make it more personal) for example:

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

while a note to a company or a superior may well be rather more formal:

Thank you again for the gift; I look forward to another successful year of doing business with you / your company in 2019.

And finally the sign off - choose from one of the following standard responses if you are stuck and feel free to add in a little more personal holiday cheer here if you feel it would be appropriate (keeping your recipient and business relationship in mind of course!):

All the best

Best regards

Best wishes for the holiday season

Wishing you all the best for the upcoming season.

or, less personally, a simple and timeless ending that works well in most business situations (as long as you have addressed the letter to a specific, named person):

Yours sincerely

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