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Writing messages
Nachrichten schreiben


Pls call Tom @ PaperPrint, 123-456 7890, asap. He just rang (A text message will include the date and time it is sent so "He just rang" is sufficient information. It should be obvious who the sender is; if the recipient is unlikely to recognise the number then it will be important to add a name.)



Tom at PaperPrint (123-456 7890) rang while you were out for lunch (An email will automatically include the date and "while you were out for lunch", in this case, is all the detail on time of call that is required.). Please call him back asap.


When taking the message, it is important to note the details correctly (see our article on telephoning on page 2) and to make sure that you spell names and other details accurately (our article on page 3 includes a link to the NATO phonetic alphabet to help you with checking spellings on the phone).

Getting out of difficulty

Despite the advances of modern communications technology, there are still times when - through no fault of our own - it may be difficult to note down the details of a call accurately. In such cases, do your best and make it clear that the details you have written down may not be wholly accurate, as in these e-mails:

Pete, Martin rang from out in the field, asking for advice on the statistics for our new products. It was a really bad line, so I couldn't work out exactly what information he wanted. Please could you call him back - I hope you have his number, as I'm afraid I couldn't hear that either. Sue.

Stefan, Milo rang yesterday afternoon about the stock control issue. He's given me a list of the parts that they've had difficulties sourcing in time and those that have stockpiled. Please see me asap on your return so that we can go over these together. June

June, Stefan called: he said to tell you he will be back in the office after lunch tomorrow and will pop in to see you then so that you can discuss the Japan issues. Mary

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