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Quiz: medical profession

Falling ill abroad is one of the things travellers dread; falling ill at home can be just as bad. Try our quiz and find out how much you know about the medical profession and whether you fall prey to a couple of common misapprehensions about health:
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Announcing a winner
Auszeichnungen bekannt geben

Internal/external promotion after winning an award

Once you have an award, it is easier to get people to take notice of you. The organisers of the award may well promote the winners themselves, on an award website and by issuing press releases to the relevant media. You need to ensure that the word gets out and that your company's win is widely recognised and again, issuing your own press releases is a great way to do so as long as the content is truly newsworthy. If, for example, you can link the award to a current trend or important theme that the publication has been following or is about to follow, your chances of getting your information included will be much higher. In addition, think about using corporate blogs or websites to inform current or potential clients or business partners of your success.

Internet tip!
See Pipistrel's website (manufacturers of a light aircraft) for an example of how a successful company makes good use of its awards!

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