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Some of what goes on in the food industry is common knowledge, some of what happens is shocking to many, some of the news is inspirational and some is off-putting, to say the least. How much do you know? Try our quiz and find out!
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Dealing with clients

Acknowledging clients' birthdays is rather a different matter than sending a card to a colleague. There is always a risk that the person will feel you are making a transparent move to cement the business relationship and may feel that this not appropriate. Therefore, this possibility needs to be weighed up carefully. In general, the more anonymous the relationship you have with a client, the easier it is to formulate a birthday wish, and here, e-mail is certainly the preferred form of exchange. If you are simply sending greetings out to a client pool you have never met before, it is worth considering what you can offer those clients as a bonus in addition to a birthday greeting, such as a small discount for that day on your products. This ensures that a certain number will bother to read your greeting and perhaps even visit your website before the e-greeting ends up in the trash with the other junk mail!

What to give?

As far as present-giving goes, flowers (without romantic overtones), desk accessories (such as a picture frame or the stapler your colleague needs to stop borrowing yours) and food or drink are all acceptable. Travel items (umbrellas or alarm clocks with international time zones) are fitting too.

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