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Step 4: Design

Think of a link between your company and the design of your card. Your card could reflect your company philosophy by being eco-friendly and made of entirely recycled paper, or a shape that reflects the company's products. It should definitely stand out from the crowd, just like a business card. So forget your standard slip! Become an origami expert, choose colours and designs that fit your corporate image, and you will be on the way to designing something that will stay on your client's desk long after the festive season is over.

Some printing terms

Lamination: several sheets bonded together to make the paper more resistant.

Watermark: a distinguishing mark that can be seen on paper when held up to the light.

Offset: a printing method in which a plate imprints an image onto a cylinder which then transfers the image onto paper.

(Full) bleed printing is when there is no border left around the paper edge.

4/0 colours means 4 colours on the front and none on the reverse side. The 4 colours used are CMYK - cyan, magenta, yellow and black (or key) - which can be combined to make any colour.

Euroscale: the name given to the CMYK printing scale. This term is used especially in the USA to refer to European offset printing.

For an extensive glossary on printing, go to: www.printindustry.com.

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