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Fokus: President Obama

Bleiben Sie bei den politischen Ereignissen up-to-date. Wir stellen Ihnen die wichtigsten Reden des US-Präsidenten als Video und als Dokumente mit Vokabelhilfen zur Verfügung.

The White House, Washington, D.C., June 21, 2014:
» Weekly Address: Bringing our Workplace Policies into the 21st Century

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Quiz: Greenwashing

If you´ve read our title article (August 2014) then you know what "Greenwashing" is, but how easily can you identify it and how much do you really know? Try our quiz and find out!
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Marketing & Vertrieb

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Announcing new technology
Eine neue Technologie ankündigen

Long or short texts?

As already mentioned, giving readers too much information will not help your cause. You need to know who will be reading your text, to empathize and put yourself in their shoes so that you can identify the areas that need to be stressed in order to move quickly to acceptance of the new technology. But you do not need to astound them with your mastery of the innovation!

Media channels

A tweet is one of the best-known and most contemporary ways of getting information out to a wider audience - as long as the twitter account you are using has a significant number of followers. Twitter also constrains you, as a writer, to keeping the information extremely concise, with its limit of 140 characters per tweet, including spaces. Other ways of getting the information out could be via a Facebook page for your company or product, text message/SMS if you have initiated this method of contact, or by including the content in a blog. As with tweets, all of these channels presuppose a significant number of followers; if you do not yet have sufficient followers to make this an efficient way of getting the information out then your first step must of course be to increase this number until you are sure that using this medium will help your company/department.

Internet tips!

  • To help you hone your skills, read this article on 'How to write something worth reading' from PickTheBrain, a self-improvement website.
  • PC Mag published an article on how to get the most out of the tweet limit.

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