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How to accept and refuse invitations
Einladungen stilvoll annehmen und ablehnen

Declining invitations

If you have a prior engagement and cannot attend a formal event for some reason, it is important to formulate your response carefully to avoid treading on people's toes. It is certainly not OK to leave an invitation hanging. There are standard phrases for declining such as

"(Your name) regrets to inform (hosts' name) that s/he will not be able to attend the silver wedding anniversary of (couple's name) at (place and date) due to a prior engagement."

It is not only acceptable to explain why you can't come such as having a holiday booked at the same time, it is downright impolite not to! If the reason you cannot go is due to a personal matter, you can use the phrase ''due to personal commitments''. That way, you don't resort to lying, and good manners will probably prevent the host/ess prying into the reason for not attending. It is a nice gesture to invite the couple to dinner prior to their celebration if you are not able to attend. This is especially true of weddings. Last but not least, it is very impolite to bring a friend unannounced to a formal event. Check in advance if this is possible for less formal occasions. Look on the next page for further examples of how to accept or decline invitations.

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Accepting and declining invitations

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