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Setting targets
Ziele setzen

Packaging materials supplier

They have been working with Jaime Marinho in Brazil for several years, but have recently had compliance issues. FDA regulations are can differ greatly from EU requirements but, in order to remain competitive, they need to be able to sell in both markets. In order to ensure that Marinho's packaging materials are suitable, they have arranged for an external company to prepare a compliance template for all packaging suppliers to work through. Now they need to inform their suppliers, including Marinho, about the new process that they are expected to go through in order to ensure that they are fully compliant with all regulations:

Dear Jaime
As you know, we have recently entered the US market with our component packs. This has raised the issue of FDA compliance. In order to ensure that all our suppliers provide materials that meet both EU and FDA regulations, Rob and I have decided to work with an external compliance management company, Complyable, and we hope that you will agree to work with them too (there is of course no charge for you). As long as you are open to this, they will be contacting you next week to introduce a compliance template, and will schedule a meeting with your upper management, design and purchasing teams in order to run through the essentials. I am afraid that we will require all suppliers to meet the new compliance guidelines by the end of April, so I do hope that you will be able to meet with Complyable and work with them on achieving full compliance. They will be using regular compliance surveys ...

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