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Fokus: President Obama

Bleiben Sie bei den politischen Ereignissen up-to-date. Wir stellen Ihnen die wichtigsten Reden des US-Präsidenten als Video und als Dokumente mit Vokabelhilfen zur Verfügung.

The White House, Washington, D.C., June 21, 2014:
» Weekly Address: Bringing our Workplace Policies into the 21st Century

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Quiz: Compliance

Complying with all rules and regulations in a variety of countries can be incredibly complex. Try our quiz and see how you would do if charged with making the following (tongue-in-cheek) decisions!
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Editing your texts

How to edit, step 5: layout

Finally, once you are sure that your text is as good as it can be, consider an oftignored aspect of writing: the layout. A lot of heavy black text can put a reader off, but text broken up into manageable-looking chunks will seem easier to read. Consider:

  • font (depending on corporate guidelines)
  • text size
  • use of bold, italics and underlining

As a guide, think of what you like to read and what those texts look like, then apply the same principles.

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