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Weddings: Traditions, customs and greetings
"Alles Gute zur Hochzeit"

Getting hitched

The origins of the phrase to get hitched probably have something to do with the days of horse-drawn carriages to carry the bridal couple off into the sunset. Hitching the horse to the carriage would take place and the couple would ride off to enjoy their honeymoon. Whilst we are on the subject, did you think that the honeymoon is a modern invention? Far from it! It actually belonged to an ancient Teutonic ritual where honey would be drunk until the moon waned!

What to expect

There are not many differences between English/American and German weddings. Largely, people do the same kinds of things. Before the big day, women get together on a hen night. Men tend to stay in the pub for their stag nights, but they have been known to wake up with a tattoo in a strange place, courtesy of their friends! Usually, it is also the best man's job to embarrass the groom at the wedding by telling stories about the good old days...

How to say yes

We don't mean you should prepare yourself for a proposal! Rather, we are referring to how to respond to an invitation. It is quite common to reply by hand and write back, e.g.

  • Dear Mr and Mrs Simpson,

    We would be delighted to attend Rainer and Elizabeth's wedding on June 5th. If there is anything we can do to help in the meantime, please let us know.

    Our best wishes,
    Peter and Kate


  • Dear Joan and Harry,

    I am terribly sorry that we will not be able to come to your wedding. Tom's firm is sending him to Shanghai for a month and we will be going with him.

    We will be there in spirit and send you all our love,
    Tom and Regina

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