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How to write a Business Letter
Der englische Geschäftsbrief


If you are enclosing anything with the letter, as well as mentioning this in the body of the letter they should be listed at the bottom as enclosures. The abbreviation "enc" for a single enclosure or "encs" for multiple enclosures is used, followed by a list of the item/s enclosed. Eg:

encs: Company brochure
Price list


This will be familiar to all who use e-mail: it stands for "carbon copy", which in the good old days was the only way of making copies of letters: black carbon paper was interleaved between two or more sheets of paper, this was all inserted into the typewriter, and the typist then proceeded to type the letter: the further back the page was the more illegible the copy produced! Today it merely means "copied to", a way of informing everyone involved of just who is to receive a copy of the letter. It is followed by the name/s of the person or people who receive copies. Eg:

cc: Tony Blair
Gordon Brown

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