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Fokus: President Obama

Bleiben Sie bei den politischen Ereignissen up-to-date. Wir stellen Ihnen die wichtigsten Reden des US-Präsidenten als Video und als Dokumente mit Vokabelhilfen zur Verfügung.

The White House, Washington, DC, March 12, 2014:
» Remarks by President Obama and Ukraine Prime Minister Yatsenyuk after Bilateral Meeting

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Quiz: e-Readers and e-ink

As modern technology does its best to rid of us of the printed page and move to a paperless world, at least for reading purposes, we need to know what e-readers are and what e-ink is for. Think you know? Try our quiz!
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Email acronyms
Abkürzungen in E-Mails


Remember that abbreviations and acronyms are great in chat rooms, text or instant messaging and for teenagers. However, spending time reading and re-reading emails to decipher what is meant, or requiring a further exchange of emails to determine content, does not save time or improve business relationships. If you are on the receiving end do not hesitate to question what is meant - you are entitled to expect a certain amount of professionalism from your correspondents as indeed are they from you, so do not use abbreviations just because you know what they mean - use them to serve your communication, not to hinder it!

Internet tip!
Netlingo has a dictionary as well as a section on smileys and emoticons: www.netlingo.com.
Watch the video of the meanings at: www.videojug.com.

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