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False Friends

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False friends - logistics
Falsche Freunde im Bereich Logistik

An email

A few days later, the goods finally arrive but they are not what you ordered and they are partly faulty. You decide this time to write an email.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Following our phone call last week, we have to make a reclamation (false friend: right is complaint) about the goods we ordered from you. In between (false friend: right is in the meantime) the goods with export code 028-83745-49 have arrived but they are not the correct ones. Not only this, but they are partly defect (false friend: right is faulty or out of order). Our customer is very important and we do not want to lose him, therefore we were forced to order the goods from another supplier and expect a full refund as stated in our contract (copy attached). I am sending this email cc to the direction (false friend: right is management) and we expect a prompt response from you otherwise we shall be obliged to ask our advocates (false friend: right is lawyer or attorney) to contact you.

Yours faithfully
Hannes Müller
Head of Logistics
Mayer Chemie GmbH Hamburg

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False friends - exercise

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false friends - exercise

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