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Quiz: Ice breaking strategies

Everyone needs a few tricks for breaking the ice with new people, a way to start a conversation and make everyone feel included. Try our quiz and see how much you know about tried and tested strategies:
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Discussing a meeting abroad
Ein Treffen im Ausland diskutieren

meeting, Quelle: MEV Verlag GmbH, GermanyMEV Verlag GmbH, Germany

The first time you travel to a new place, perhaps with a new company, for an important meeting, can be daunting. See how our protagonists handle it!

Use our list of useful phrases for discussing meetings and conferences in foreign lands. Find it here. useful-phrases

The scenario

Rahul, Tim and Nicola are members of the marketing team at a large software company. Tim and Rahul joined the company a few months ago so have never been to one of the annual company meetings while Nicola has been with the company for some years so knows what to expect. Read on and "listen in" to their discussions over lunch one day.

  • Tim: Rahul, have you been invited to the meeting next month? You know, the team building exercise on Costa Rica...
  • Rahul: Yes, sounds a bit too much really, not sure if Iīll be able to go or not...
  • Nicola: Rahul! You have to go, itīs not really an option, you know. And anyway, the meetings are great fun, too. It really is a good chance to get to know everyone on the team here and to meet most of the teams from all the other offices. Donīt chicken out!
  • R: Hmmm, well, I donīt know, not sure I really get what itīs all about or why we do it, Iīm not chickening out itīs just?
  • N: OK, listen, pass me the ketchup, please and let me fill you in on what really happens and what itīs all about. Essentially itīs great PR - our annual team-building exercises are the envy of all the other software companies, you know! All the top software engineers want to come and work for us as weīre a fun company... also, it strengthens the corporate feeling, the idea is to make people feel part of the team, that their contributions are valid and valued...
  • T: Yeah, yeah, I get all that corporate stuff, I remember reading about these meetings a year or so back in one of the trade rags, so tell us more about what really goes on.
  • R: Yes, I suppose I really need to work out what Iīm going to do. My manager said I didnīt have to, obviously, but maybe I should?
  • N: Are you worried about your leg? Really, it wonīt be an issue, they always make sure that everyone can take part in just about all the activities, they have different levels of physical input and youīll be fine.
  • R: But you know, even travelling long distance can be hard for me, I donīt like flying and itīs hard with this leg, it gets uncomfortable.
  • T: Mate, I canīt imagine... but you know, Nicola says youīll be fine, so just check out the travel details with the planners and try and come along.
  • R: So Nicola, OK, assuming I do make it, what can I expect?
  • N: Right, I think itīs Costa Rica, isnīt it?
  • T: Yup.
  • N: So, I havenīt been there before, but I know the annual meeting was held there before I joined and people still talk about it... itīs a beautiful place and I think thereīs a sort of treasure hunt in the rainforest. We get put into teams and have to follow various clues, itīs fun. That takes a couple of days and the rest of the time we chill. There are a few meetings, of course, some training, but lots of time to explore and hang out.
  • T: Sounds cool. But hey, I just thought, what about jabs? Do we need stuff like that? Do we need to take malaria tablets, I hear they can really mess with your body, and what about insect repellents, bet they have some huge bugs out there!
  • N: No, donīt worry, there arenīt any shots! I think I heard about dengue fever but you really donīt need to worry ? where weīll be staying, they make sure there arenīt mosquitos and the health care in Costa Rica is excellent should anything go wrong. Also, the company provides first class health cover for us, so your fears are totally unfounded!
  • T: Hmmm. OK. Well, how about the food? Iīm not too keen on messed about stuff, I go for the simple things myself.
  • N: Again, donīt worry! Where weīll be staying the food will be excellent, it always is. We always go to places where they can cater to any special dietary requirements, too, so if you need something different you just have to ask.
  • R: Yes, good point, I mean some people might not be able to eat pork, for example, or might have food allergies - peanuts or something.
  • N: Well, you wait. This time next month youīll be happily reminiscing about what a great time you had and you wonīt be able to wait for next yearīs jolly!
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