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Salary negotiations
Gehaltsverhandlungen führen

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For most of us salary determines how we live, so any change in earnings is important. Here we help you make the most of any opportunity to discuss changes in salary with your boss.


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Internet tip!
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How to prepare yourself

Salary is not a subject that is usually discussed at frequent intervals - or at least not at frequent-enough intervals for most of us! Generally it is at most an annual topic of conversation, so you need to be ready to make the most of any opportunity. If there is any chance that a discussion on salary might be looming, you need to be fully prepared and to have all your arguments ready in good time. However, you do not need a large number of reasons why you should receive a higher salary: two or three strong arguments should suffice and will help to convince your boss more than a dozen weak reasons. In order to prepare, you should at the least look into and think about:

  • What others in your field earn in similar positions, including the upper and lower salary and package limits (search open job listings for an idea of what others earn if you do not already know).
  • What you are worth to the company: can you quantify how much you save the company or put a figure on what your work is worth in concrete terms?
  • What sort of percentages were offered to employees in the last round of annual pay rises in your company? This will help you to be realistic in your requests for more.
  • How much experience you have: if many people in your field seem to have several decades of experience and you just started last year, then you should not expect to earn the same amount or, conversely, if you have many years of experience this should be reflected in your salary.
  • How easily you could be replaced: if your experience and role is such that the company would be hard-pressed to find a replacement then your value will be correspondingly higher.
  • How flexible you can be: Can you offer to take on additional responsibilities or tasks, or to work more hours. Think of ways to add value to what you already do to make you worth more to your employer.
  • Why you really want a pay rise. Yes, we?d all like more money, but what makes you think you deserve this now? If you can?t articulate this to yourself you won?t be able to explain it to your boss!
  • Remember to consider what you will do if you do not get any rise or other concessions from your boss - will you accept this and maintain the status quo or will you leave?

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