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The minutes

The minutes, Quelle: ThinkstockThinkstock
Minutes need to be taken for most, perhaps all meetings - if you don't need minutes, why hold the meeting?


Internet tip!
Chron offers details on what should be included in a formal meeting agenda here: http://ow.ly/x31B30b7H5w

What are they?

Minutes are basically the written record of what is said and planned in a meeting; they are not a word-by-word record of all that was said. Very formal meetings will have a set template for meetings set up and a secretary to be responsible for ensuring that they are taken and later sent out to all involved. Less formal meetings may not have an official 'Secretary' (this just means the person responsible for taking the minutes and does not have to be a real secretary!) or a set template, but some record of what goes on is generally a good idea, as memories are known to be fallible; minutes that are approved by all who were present are a good reminder of what was actually discussed and agreed, etc ... Unless you work for the Secret Service, of course...

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