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Discrimination issues in HR
Umgang mit Diskriminierung

Discrimination can have different faces in different cultures or countries: how can it be dealt with by HR departments and what advice can you expect to receive?

discrimination, Quelle: MEV Verlag GmbHMEV Verlag GmbH, Germany

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What is discrimination?

Basically, discrimination means treating different categories in different, prejudicial, ways. So this can apply to countries (whereby different countries receive preferential treatment from others in trade agreements, for example), foods (which do you prefer and why?), animals (why are some cared for in a humane way and others not?) as well as people of course, for who the categories can include gender, race, religion or ability. In business generally, and in HR departments specifically, it is necessary to to guard against discrimination in all its forms: not only in order to ensure compliance with local laws and customs, but also in order to treat all employees with fairness, and so that is what this article will focus on.

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