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Describing graphics in presentations
Grafiken in Präsentationen beschreiben

What not to do with graphics

Outdated clip art, fancy transitions between slides, mood music ... all these things can make your presentation look unprofessional, which is in all likelihood not the image you are going for:

  • clip art, stock photos and other commonly used images should be avoided - instead, either create your own graphics (or ask your creative colleagues to do so) or ensure that you choose images that have not been used many times before
  • transitions can quickly become irritating - watching a photo dissolve slowly, with a snowstorm effect perhaps, becomes more and more annoying the more you see it so the simpler the better in most cases
  • music to accompany your images is unnecessary most of the time: if you have nothing to say about the image then don't use it!

What to do with graphics

Despite all that we have just said, we all know that graphics can add immensely to a good presentation. They can simplify complex ideas or information, encourage connections and feelings of involvement, even inspire loyalty, if - and this is a big if! - they are used consciously, creatively and carefully.

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