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Quiz: Ice breaking strategies

Everyone needs a few tricks for breaking the ice with new people, a way to start a conversation and make everyone feel included. Try our quiz and see how much you know about tried and tested strategies:
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Salary in the job interview
Gehaltsverhandlung im Interview


  • There comes a time when hard figures have to be thrown down, but this can be put off for a while as you feel out what the other side is thinking.
  • Jens: What a great meal, and now this desert is just perfect, light and refreshing. Thank you so much, Tina and Bob.
  • Tina: No, thank you for your time Jens, we really appreciate it.
  • Jens: There´s just one thing, we still haven´t discussed my remuneration at all. And I really would like to get some of those details straightened out this evening.
  • Bob: I suppose we should talk about it.
  • Tina: Can you tell us what you expect to earn, Jens?
  • Jens: Well, I don?t want to put a definitive figure on the table at the moment, but I´m on a six-figure package now and really wouldn´t want to see a drop in that.
  • Bob: No, of course not. Now, as a start up our finances are a little strained, but we can offer options to sweeten the package. How high are you expecting to go?
  • Jens: A package of around 200K is what I have in mind.
  • Tina: Hmmm, that?s a bit higher than we were expecting, to be honest. We were thinking of a lower base salary, around 80K, with bonus and share options as well as a good health care package.
  • Jens: I like the idea of share options, I really do believe in your company so I?d be happy to have close to half of the package in options. I don?t know how you are thinking of working out the bonus, but around 10% would be fine with me, too.
  • Bob: That still means you´re thinking of a base salary around 90 to 100K if I´m doing the maths correctly?
  • Jens: Yes, precisely.
  • Tina: We´ll have to discuss it and get back to you, Jens, but I think you´ll find that we can find a middle ground!
  • Jens: Great. I shall look forward to talking to Mary then. Thank you both for a very interesting evening!

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