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Discrimination issues in HR
Umgang mit Diskriminierung


This means treating some people worse than others: making them feel like victims in the workplace. It ranges from making those who may be whistleblowers, or who may have brought anti-discrimination complaints in the past, feel as though they are in the wrong by passing them over for promotion, for example, to treating people unfairly (eg: not offering a pay rise) due to factors such as gender or race.

Direct discrimination

Direct discrimination is the easiest category to understand for those unfamiliar with the laws and regulations surrounding discrimination. This can take the form of ensuring that a board of directors is allmale, or never inviting disabled applicants for job interviews. It is the most straightforward form of discrimination to identify and the easiest to take steps to prevent because it is not as insidious as the other forms. This does not, however, mean that it is not as harmful: all forms of discrimination can have severe consequences on both the person discriminated against and now, thanks to modern laws and society, on the perpetrator, too.

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