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Everyone needs a few tricks for breaking the ice with new people, a way to start a conversation and make everyone feel included. Try our quiz and see how much you know about tried and tested strategies:
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Crowdfunding: let´s do it!
Crowdfunding: Lasst uns investieren!

Deciding on a campaign

  • M: Ah, there you are. Look, I found that article and I´ve read up a bit on it all. I think we should do it!
  • S: Well, that´s an about turn! So tell me: what made you change your mind?
  • M: Well, this site lets you make your own site using an open source platform...
  • S: Say what? Here, let me have a quick look...
  • 2 minutes later...
  • S: So, how do we get traffic to a site like this?
  • M: Umm, well, good question...
  • S: And what about the initial funding: as it says, you need some money for initial production, that´s what we don´t have.
  • M: True. So, you don´t think this will work?
  • S: Maybe later on. But now we need help and fast, we can´t start tinkering about with creating websites and encouraging traffic to it. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are attractive because they are so big, they attract browsers and investors.
  • M: Yeah, OK, I get it. So, which one?
  • S: Well, Kickstarter is a bigger, also more restrictive, but...
  • M: So, if we get onto Kickstarter our chances will probably be better?
  • S: Maybe...
  • M: Let?s go for that. Now, what else do you need from me?
  • S: Well, that was easy. Nothing else right now. I´m going to look into drawing up our campaign, Tina at the design agency said she´ll meet us for a drink later and go over our first draft with us, so I´ll show you my draft around 5 and then we can go and meet up with her and see what she says.
  • M: Great. We have a plan! Now I´m off to do some more research into 3D printers, we´re going to need one soon.
  • S: And that´s exactly why we need the money...
  • M: Touché!

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