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British workaholics, Japanese or German managers - your English German experience.

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Lena  01.01.09, 20:01, Beiträge: 25druckenzitierenLesezeichen setzen
One of my favorite false friends is to be seen in the sales.

Reduced "body bags" in all varieties in departmentstores and you can imagine the goosebumps and shivers running down the spine of English visitors. To them a "body bag" means "Leichensack".
kissedlove  23.12.08, 16:48, Beiträge: 20druckenzitierenLesezeichen setzen
I love those false words, there are so many.

Nearly always, if one of my friends or colleagues visit America they use a "handy" and not a mobile phone or cell. And American don't understand "handy", this is a common fault.
Mark  23.09.08, 00:01, Beiträge: 107druckenzitierenLesezeichen setzen
Just today I got a call from one of my friends. She said:

“This week I have had 57 visitors of my profile. That`s a lot, isn`t it?
Being so vain – eitel - I enjoy every single click of people visiting my profile.
Well, yesterday there was this certain boy – 32/185/75 – who swamped me with his messages and the only aim he had was to meet me.
He was a poet, a great writer, a bright spark – eine Intelligenzbestie - and in his last message he even wrote:

“I need love. This time I am well prepared to show my feelings and not to play anymore. I once had someone`s heart and it beat for mine completely. I had every thrill. I once had lips that kissed mine so sweetly. I once knew all the wonder of someone`s warm love. And I felt so confident, you know. Love for life – I thought. And then one night - I reached out and she was gone.
Think about it. That`s the way love goes away.”

I met him yesterday and I have to say – I have seldom seen such a beautiful boy in my life.
We went to a French restaurant. While I was still eating – I am a slow eater, he was.......
He was flossing! He was flossing! Die Zähne mit Zahnseide reinigen.

“Well, what`s wrong with that? I`m a dental technician, you know. We`re going to kiss afterwards, aren`t we?”

“We left the restaurant and I saw a beautiful old car in front of it. And I said: “Oh, are we going to kiss in this oldtimer now?”

“Marvin asked me: “In what? An oldtimer?”

He was laughing. “Learn some English, girl” – he said.

That was the end of the story.
The boy was flossing and the girl used the word “oldtimer”.

Oldtimer bedeutet im Englischen: Altgedienter, Veteran, Alteingesessener.
Niemand in England verwendet das Wort "oldtimer" für das alte, antique Auto! Richtig sagt man: A VINTAGE CAR.

What do you think about it?
Tell us some similar stories.
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