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Emigrating to the USA
In die USA auswandern

Freiheitsstatue USA, Quelle: photos.comIhre Entscheidung steht: Sie ziehen in die USA. Großartig! Aber was nun? Vor allem in den Vereinigten Staaten sind vor der Einreise zahlreiche Dinge zu regeln. Als Allererstes sollten Sie sich um ein geeignetes Visum kümmern.

Types of visa

There are various visas available that will allow you to enter, live and work in the USA so the first step is to determine which you are eligible for.

An important piece of advice: do not even think of entering the US as a tourist and then trying to find work as you will not be allowed to do so legally. Below we list some of the visas available, particularly those for business people:

A-class Visas

For employees of foreign governments and their families.

E-class Visas

For investors and Treaty Traders; the E-2 Business Visa is for investors with over $ 150,000 to invest in either a start-up or a business that is already running.

G-class Visas

For representatives of international organisations and their families, eg the UN.

H-class Visas

For temporary workers and trainees; the H-1B visa is for those offered a professional-level job (ie one requiring at least a Bachelor's level degree) by a US employer. Many believe that the employer must prove that a US citizen can not do the job before hiring a foreigner but this is not so; the employer must simply be prepared to fill out all the necessary paperwork!

K-class Visas

For family of US citizens; the K-3 Spouse Visa is for those married to US citizens, it allows you to enter the US and then get authorization to work.

L-class Visas

For Intracompany Transferees, for executive or specialised-knowledge employees who have been with their company or a related organisation for at least one full year out of the past three before coming to the US.

O-, P-, Q- and R-class Visas

For temporary workers and trainees.

W-class Visas

For temporary visitors for business or pleasure, under the Visa Waiver Act (which applies to EU citizens).

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emigrating to the USA

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