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Prepositions used for travel
Präpositionen zu "travel"

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Prepositions often seem to inhabit a parallel universe, following rules that differ from language to language. Read on for help with discussing travel with the correct prepositions!


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Travel itself

The word "travel" itself can be accompanied by a variety of prepositions, for example:

  • along - He travelled along the same route taken by Marco Polo.
  • through - They travelled through the desert in mid-summer.
  • with/without - She wants to travel with/without her colleagues.
  • by - The CEO travelled by plane.
  • above - The man travelled above ground as he was claustrophobic.
  • below - If you take the Chunnel you´ll be travelling below the sea bed!
  • within - We travelled within the borders of the country for 6 weeks.
  • outside - You aren`t planning to travel outside the country, are you?

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