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Auf Shoppingtour

When you are abroad for business or for pleasure it is always empting to go on a shopping spree. Maybe you would like to take something home for your husband, wife or children or you just fancy some window shopping. Perhaps you forgot to pack a tie to match the suit you want to wear at that important presentation. Well, shopping abroad can be a fun experience, especially when you know the right vocabulary.

Getting informed

Before starting off, it may be a good idea to ask your colleagues in the office or at the reception desk of your hotel where they would recommend you to go for your shopping tour:

A: Listen John, I would like to do some shopping this weekend. What is the best place to go, do you think?

B: Well, it depends what kind of shopping you would like to do. There is a big mall right off Route 17 where you will find all the big chains such as Borders, Nordstrom, J.C. Penny etc. or you could go to Ridgewood which is a small town with a pedestrian area where you can find the more exclusive small shops.

A: Well, actually I was told that there are some outlet stores somewhere around here. My son asked me to bring some jeans that are supposed to be really cheap over here.

B: Oh yes, that's Woodbury Common. 15 miles up north. It is a complete village of designer stores selling last year's collections and you are sure to find some good bargains there.

A: Do they only sell clothes?

B: My goodness no! You can buy shoes, sports equipment, there are hardware stores selling electrical appliances, linen stores, toy stores, there's a restaurant, a jeweller's, leather shops etc. etc. Anything you like.

A: Great, that sounds like a good place to go.

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