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Quiz: Ice breaking strategies

Everyone needs a few tricks for breaking the ice with new people, a way to start a conversation and make everyone feel included. Try our quiz and see how much you know about tried and tested strategies:
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Special: Summer camp
Ferienlager für Erwachsene

Ferienlager sind in den USA weit verbreitet und sehr beliebt. Nun sind sie verstärkt auch in Europa zu finden, auch für Erwachsene! Dort gönnt man sich eine Auszeit, um zum Beispiel eine Fremdsprache zu lernen.

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Why go to camp?

Have you ever sat in your office, trying to work out how you could fit in that business English course? The trend towards doing your work training during your holidays is growing: perhaps you can even combine a language 'camp' with a trip to the country you can use that language in. Whatever you decide, the market for adult camps is a thriving business. A search on the internet will result in a huge number of hits for 'summer camp', so for adults you may have to use additional search terms such as 'themed vacations'. Then, you need to narrow your search down further to your choice of location (do you want to study English in Ireland, the US or Malta, for example?) and the type of qualification, if any, you will receive once you've completed it. Look for externally accredited companies if it's a qualification you want or read online reviews by people who have attended the camp to get an idea if it's right for you.

Internet tip!
GrownUpCamps offers a list of adult summer camps, mostly in the US and Canada, but it does include some in other parts of the world.
Or, to read a first-hand report by a US blogger on what business camps are available in the US see here.

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