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Preparing to emigrate: the Caribbean
In die Karibik ziehen

The islands

Jamaica, with a population of under 3 million, is culturally rich and popular with tourists, but is also known for higher crime levels. The cost of living is similar to that of the USA and English is used, but most locals speak patois which is a mixture of French, Creole and English (don't throw in a few words of patois or add "mon" at the end of your sentences as this can sound offensive!).

The Dominican Republic, discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, has been ruled by the Spanish, the French, the Haitians and even the Americans, although Spanish remains the official language and not everyone speaks English. About 14% of jobs involve tourism, but with a population of almost 10 million, there is a lot to do that does not involve tourism!

Barbados is popular with tourists but is more difficult to move to as, with a population of just under 300,000, there are not so many jobs available. Despite this, Barbados is culturally diverse with substantial Indo-Guyanese, Bajan-Chinese, Euro-Bajan, Middle Eastern and Jewish sectors of the population. Bajan, spoken by most natives, is a mix of English, Nigerian and Ghanaian languages.

Saint Martin/Sint Maarten has been divided into a French and a Dutch region since 1648. It has a diverse population of about 72,000 made up of Amerindians, Chinese, Europeans, Africans and Indians. The Dutch part is part of the Netherlands Antilles, not the EU, and will become an independent country on 10 October 2010. The French part is an overseas collectivity, and remains part of the EU.

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preparing to emigrate: the Caribbean

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