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Changing an itinerary
Reisepläne ändern

Dealing with suggested changes to travel plans

Business contacts may wish to change the plans and accommodate their ideas. However, you need to be firm and only do what really needs to be done. Cultural backgrounds are important here: in order to avoid causing offence in many parts of the world you do not want to give an outright refusal to any invitation, but rather to allow your business partners to believe that they are valued and perhaps that attention to their business is not required at this time: saving 'face' is crucial in this part of the world. So, the supplier in Hong Kong has heard that plans are afoot for visiting S E Asia and is suggesting a stop in H K, too:

  • Pat in Ho Chi Minh City told me about the planned visit to his factory... I am most disappointed that there are no plans to visit us, too...

There really isn't time for another stop so phrase the response carefully:

  • ...love to visit but I'm so short on time that I really can't manage anything but the essentials that need attending to at the moment.

By implying that this is a trouble-shooting trip - although you do not state this outright as you do not want to offend other suppliers! - Hong is allowed to save face. He now believes that he is not being included because his side of the business is running well, leading him to believe that perhaps others are not.

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