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Changing an itinerary
Reisepläne ändern

Making your own changes

Now things crop up that necessitate some changes from your end. Imagine, for example, that you have to change schedules and cut short your boss' time in Singapore due to unforgiving flight schedules, so you write an email to explain what will change:

  • We have just found out that Mr Whelps needs to leave Singapore on the morning of the 8th... So he will have to say his goodbyes to all employees and suppliers at the end of the banquet on the 7th. Please can you let the relevant heads of department know?

Be precise and do not be tempted to prevaricate in order to temper the changes, tempting though this may seem:

  • I'm afraid it looks as though I may have to...

sounds polite but your reader may understand that:

  • I'm changing things now but I may really not have to make these changes if you really want me not to...

Updating changes

Once there really is a final version of an itinerary and no more changes are expected (although of course these may crop up during the trip, too), everyone involved should receive a copy so that it is clear what is happening:

  • ...the final version of our itinerary for the trip to Singapore and Vietnam... We look forward to meeting you and your colleagues very soon.

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