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weekly exercise

Holiday phrases

Die Sommerferien stehen vor der Tür. Oft muss man mit einem Hotelangestellten oder einem Restaurantbesitzer telefonieren, um alle Termine und Reservierungen abzuklären. Haben Sie das gängige Vokabular für Ihren nächsten Urlaub parat? Testen Sie Ihr Wissen.

Hinweis: Entscheiden Sie sich für eine der drei Antwortmöglichkeiten. Achtung: Es sind auch ein paar "falsche Freunde" mit enthalten.

At the airport

Excuse me, our luggage hasn't arrived. We came on the 1  (flight/airplane/machine) from Hamburg this morning. Here is my passport. Do you need any other 2  ? (dates/information/data)

At the hotel

Hello, my name is Williams and I have a room booked for two nights. And could you tell me which 3  (level/corridor/floor) we are on?

At the restaurant

Good evening. We'd like a table for two outside please.
Certainly. Please 4  (be seated/take a seat/sit down) here.

What do you recommend from the 5  ? (menu/card/list)
Well, the special tonight is the lobster.

Excuse me, we ordered half an hour ago. Could you tell me when we're going to 6  our food? (get/become/arrive)

How much should I 7  (pay/give out/tip) the waiter?
I think about 15% of the 8  (invoice/bill/order) is right.

At the tourist office

Is this a(n) 9  (actual/current/actually) brochure? I would like to find out how much it costs to go up the tower.

What a beautiful 10  (country/land/state) this is!
Yes, especially the 11  (nature/landscape/countryside). It's so green.

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