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weekly exercise

Modern travel

Was sagt man am Telefon, wenn man auf Englisch einen Flug bestätigen muss? Unser Dialog gibt Ihnen die Möglichkeit, die Konversation in Ruhe zu üben, so dass der nächste Anruf ganz einfach gelingt.

You: Good morning, I'd like to 1  (bestätigen) a flight on British Airways tomorrow morning please.

Call receiver: Certainly. 2  (Könnte ich haben) your flight number and departure airport please?

You: 3 . (Natürlich). The 4 (Flug) number is BA 7836 from Singapore.

Call receiver: So you're 5  (fliegen) to London Heathrow?

You: That's right.

Call receiver: And could you give me your 6  (Abflug) time please?

You: Yes. 7  (Ich ) flying at 13.45 local Singapore time.

Call receiver: Right. And could 8  (geben) your name please?

You: Certainly. My name is Thomas, that's T-H-O-M-A-S....

Call receiver: Sorry, is that your first name or your 9  (Nachname)?

You: It's my surname.

Call receiver: OK. And could I have your 10  (Vorname), too please?

You: Yes, it's Linda.

Call Receiver: Ms. Linda Thomas. Yes, you are 11  (gebucht) on the 13.45 flight on Wednesday 12 March 12  (von) Singapore Changi airport 13  (nach) London Heathrow.

You: Fine. Could I upgrade my economy 14  (Flugschein) to business class?

Call receiver: Hold on, let me just check availability...yes, that's no problem.

You: Thank you. And the strike has ended in Heathrow, has it?

Call receiver: To my knowledge, the strike has ended and we are operating as usual. If the situation changes, we will contact you.

You: Could I 15  (überprüfen) that you have my correct telephone number?

Call receiver: Of course. Let me read it to you- 00 44 83729488. Is that 16  (richtig)?

You: Yes, that's right. One last thing. I ordered a vegetarian meal. On the way over, there weren't 17  (keine) left. Could you please make sure that my order is taken this time?

Call receiver: Oh, I'm sorry about that madam. Yes, I'll 18  (absichern). Was there anything else?

You: No, that's 19  (alles). Thank you very much for your help.

Call receiver: 20  (Gern geschehen.) Goodbye.

You: Goodbye.

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