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weekly exercise

False friends - exercise

When delivering goods, don't trip over your tongue! Here you can test your knowledge of false friends by choosing the correct word from the two possibilities.

Choose one of the two given possibilities:

He must have given me the wrong address. On the (etiquette/label) 1 , it says number 38 but his name is not on the doorbell.

When I ordered the product, they said they had it (in stock/on offer) 2  but it still hasn't arrived.

According to the delivery (disposition/schedule) 3 , the goods left Stockholm on the 4th and they should arrive here on the 8th at the very latest.

We have fifty boxes in the warehouse. Could you get someone to (stack/staple) 4  them into piles?

At the last (audit/revision) 5 , our inventory listed 20 crates in total.

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