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weekly exercise

Spare time

Wieviel Freizeit haben Sie? Haben Sie Zeit für Hobbies? Hier sprechen einige Leute über ihre Freizeitaktivitäten. Übersetzen Sie die deutschen Ausdrücke ins Englische!

  1. I'm a bit of a fitness fanatic. I go jogging 1  (jeden Tag), and visit the fitness studio at least 2  (zweimal pro Woche). 3  (Gelegentlich) I go to an exhibition or concert at the weekend.
  2. At work I'm 4  (ständig) on the go and I'm 5  (üblicherweise) exhausted in the evening. 6  (Ab und zu) I have a night out at the theatre or cinema and 7  (am Wochenende) I visit my parents.
  3. Every second weekend I meet friends for a swim in our local pool. A new hobby is inline skating - in the summer I go skating 8  (jeden Sonntag).
  4. My spare time is 9  (normalerweise) spent curled up with a good book. I 10  (selten) go to the cinema though 11  (manchmal) I rent a DVD from the local video store.
  5. I love to cook in my free time. I 12  (regelmäßig) hold dinner parties for friends and colleagues. Sports aren't really my thing, though I 13  (ziemlich oft) go for a walk in our local park.
  6. My spare time is spent with the kids. We are 14  (immer) out and about in the city and countryside. 15  (Alle Jubeljahre) I have an evening just for me - then I love to sit back and listen to some jazz.

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