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leave, let, have done

Diese Verben haben alle im Deutschen mit dem Wörtchen "lassen" zu tun. Im Englischen ist es gar nicht so einfach, sich für die richtige Variante zu entscheiden. Als Übung haben wir für Sie ein paar Sätze vorbereitet, bei denen Sie die richtige Form und die korrekte Übersetzung von "lassen" einfügen müssen. Probieren Sie es aus.

Seen in a company's IT handbook: "If your telephone displays any type of error message which is not covered in this manual, please contact our service centre and 1  one of our technicians assist you in solving the issue."

Safety instructions: "In the event of fire, 2  your belongings where they are and go immediately to the nearest emergency exit."

An irate colleague might say: "I wish people would stop ringing me while I am finishing this report. I need to be 3  alone right now!"

Overheard in an office: "I will be back in the office at 2 pm. If you need me to do anything, 4  a note on my desk and I will take care of it."

You may hear this among squabbling colleagues: 'If you would just 5  me get a word in edgeways, I'd be able to explain everything.'

You notice that a colleague is absent from the office and ask: "Where's Jill today?"
"Oh, she won't be in. She's 6  several crowns fitted at the dentist's this morning."

The receptionist sees you struggling into the office with too many bags and offers: "7  me help you. You look like you're about to drop something!"

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