Apologies and how to make them

Missgeschicke elegant entschuldigen

According to the words of the song: "Sorry seems to be the hardest word ..." But it really shouldn't be: it's one of the most used (some would say: overused) words in the English language, albeit without much genuine meaning a lot of the time. It's also one of the first words anyone visiting the UK will learn, as it really is used to excess there. Professionally, however, it is best to try and curtail your use of the word as much as possible due to its connotations of guilt. Indeed companies generally avoid the word at all costs - saying "sorry" can lead to lawsuits as it can be seen as admitting culpability, and corporate liability is not something to be acknowledged lightly. There are of course occasions on which it really is needed, especially by individuals in business: tardiness is a good example of a time when a real "sorry" is called for.

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